Benchmark name When Created
Array entries: For Of, For Loop, .forEach 9 days ago
array vs set 2 9 days ago
Lodash's uniq vs Array from Set 9 days ago
chunk string 9 days ago
Object Deep Copy with deep clone

Produce a deep copy of a Javascript object where nested objects are not simply references to the originals.

9 days ago
Array loop vs foreach vs map (Small arrays) 9 days ago
toFixed vs toPrecision vs Math.round() 7 places 9 days ago
jsspltttttttt 9 days ago
Map vs Object (get) [2] 9 days ago
jssplttttttt 10 days ago
jsspltttttt 10 days ago
Array spread operator vs push [variant]

Compare the new ES6 spread operator with the traditional concat() method and push

10 days ago
replace nth occurrence 10 days ago
replace 10 days ago
Javascript Map.set undefined vs Map.delete 10 days ago
JSON.parse vs string.split 10 days ago
JSON.strigify vs array.join 10 days ago
Object Entries vs Array 10 days ago
js includes inside filter with saved array 10 days ago
js includes inside filter 10 days ago
slice vs filter in js2 10 days ago
slice vs filter in js 10 days ago
Spread vs forloop 10 days ago
Non insensitive sorting 10 days ago
Proxy v object v class setter 10 days ago

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