Benchmark name When Created
ramda vs native pipe 11 days ago
Array destructing vs object 11 days ago
jQuery Performance 11 days ago
Array spread vs. push performance with large objects 12 days ago
sdfdArray split vs string substring 12 days ago
JS Array Slice vs Array Spread 12 days ago
indexOf/includes find hash in set 12 days ago
Array.from vs concat #2kjgkjgkj 12 days ago
Array.from vs concat #2 12 days ago
indexOf/includes 12 days ago
Math.abs vs .includes 13 days ago
Array .push() vs .unshift() with random numbers 13 days ago
undefined vs delete 13 days ago
bignumber library benchmark

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13 days ago
IndexOf vs includes js (idanlevi1) 13 days ago
testachunk4 13 days ago
testachunk3 13 days ago
testachunk2 13 days ago
testachunk 13 days ago
native find vs lodash _.find..

Compare the new ES6 spread operator with the traditional concat() method

15 days ago


15 days ago
HashMapLoop 15 days ago
undefined test 15 days ago
Vanilla JS vs jQuery 15 days ago
Performance of Object.values(obj) vs_.values() vs to extract values from an object Andrey

Compare performance between the native Object.values(obj) function vs the lodash _.values() option and a function that extracts the values of an object using a loop.

15 days ago

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