Benchmark name When Created
() => this.something() vs this.something.bind(this)

() => this.something() vs this.something.bind(this)

23 days ago
Testing stuff 23 days ago
HTML Strip Regex 24 days ago
Johans 24 days ago
eval vs new Function longer calculation

compares eval and new Function with a longer calculation than original to reduce impact of function calls

24 days ago
lodash forEach vs reduce

var x = _.reduce(users, function (o) { return o.age < 40; }) console.log(x);

24 days ago
mój test


24 days ago
Math pow and double asterix 25 days ago
Nothing QWERTY 25 days ago
Array loop vs foreach vs map station 25 days ago
native find vs lodash _.find es6

Compare the new ES6 spread operator with the traditional concat() method

27 days ago
teteteteteeetet 27 days ago
Array.from vs Spread with undefined and map

Compare using Array.from vs Spread syntax to create an array with a fixed length and then map over it

28 days ago
jQuery vs javascript loop

Comparing speed of getting element by id with jQuery vs Vanilla JS

28 days ago
Ramda sort vs. native sort 28 days ago
Petuwok1 28 days ago
SpreadVSPush 28 days ago
Fly Json ODM - 1.8.4 Browser

Benchmark using Fly Json ODM in browser for 1million json array

28 days ago
lodash equal

primitive equality test

28 days ago
Test jqueryWrapperObject.find("#id") vs jquery("#id") 28 days ago
isNumber vs typeof

lodash vs es6

28 days ago
Optional Chaining versus _.get lodash aaaaa 28 days ago
Push vs Splice

Testing whether Push vs Slice to add an element to the list has a significant performance difference.

29 days ago
Fly Json ODM

Benchmark using Fly Json ODM for WHERE in browser

29 days ago


29 days ago

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