Benchmark name When Created
confronto operatore maggiore e diverso yesterday
testing12123123 yesterday
Lazy Quantifier and non capturing group vs Greedy Quantifier with capturing group REGEX B@B yesterday
test b@b URLPattern full yesterday
Set has vs prop in object

performance comparison of ways to find if an array contains a value

test b@b URLPattern yesterday
Jason stringify vs object.keys yesterday
jQuery versions (1.7.1 to 4.0.0b)

benchmark different versions of jquery

spread vs individual vs apply yesterday
Merge Arrays using lodash or not

Merge Arrays using lodash or not

spread vs individual yesterday
for-vs-foreach yesterday
Array.from vs Spread isolated

fork to test Array.from vs spread exclusive of setup code

ob slice vs spread 2 2 days ago
ob slice vs spread 2 days ago
NodeIterator 2 days ago
Lodash.isEqual vs JSON.stringify Equality Comparison for Shallow Array of Strings. kap

Test on isEqual performance

2 days ago
Symbol vs String property access speed

Testing JS square-bracket property access by string and by similarly-named symbol

2 days ago
test b@b regexp list inverted 2 days ago
test b@b regexp list 2 days ago
test b@b regexp 2

var classicRegExp = new RegExp("^([^./]+\\.)*slack\\.com/"); var betterRegExp = new RegExp("^(?:[^./]+\\.)*slack\\.com/");

2 days ago
test b@b regexp 2 days ago
temporary test regexp b@b 2 days ago
DataAttribute vs Class Selector on body 2 days ago
empty an array in JavaScript and then reassign again

Based on question on

2 days ago

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