Benchmark name When Created
ext math pow vs multiply yesterday
Occurance with filter or forEach yesterday
Array: Slice vs Spread perf yesterday
Array: Slice vs Spread yesterday
Array loop vs foreach vs map vs map (short) yesterday
Object Length vs Lodash Size yesterday
r v s bench3 yesterday
r v s bench2 yesterday
r v s bench yesterday
set vs compare functions and set 2 days ago
innerhtml vs removechild vs remove vs innerText 2 days ago
splice vs =

100k list splice and shift win, they mutate list slice loose, it creates a copy of list 7.5x slower

2 days ago
Manipulate String x Number 2 days ago
>= String x >= Number 2 days ago
for vs for in with index 2 2 days ago
for vs for in with index 2 days ago
QuerySelector vs QuerySelectorAll + forEach for 1 element 2 days ago


2 days ago
str split vs regex replace 3 days ago
for of vs for vs foreach 3 days ago
Reduce: filter-map vs push vs spread 3 days ago
indexOf vs split - test

testing speed

3 days ago
Function call with raw arguments vs Array expansion

Compare raw arguments vs ... expansion.

4 days ago
RPC eval vs JSON parse.

Compare function invocation using eval or JSON parse.

4 days ago
Create Map/Set vs reuse Map/Set 4 days ago

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