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Spread vs. Ternary

Compare the speed of spread vs. ternary conditional operator when copying an object.

6 days ago
getElementById, getElementsByClassName vs querySelector

Test performance of different ways of get just one particular DOM element

6 days ago
Performance of delete on large arrays vs set undefined 7 days ago
max vs reduce 8 days ago
if slice vs substr vs substring (with no end index)

Compares slice, substr and substring to each other when there is only a start index

8 days ago
getElementById vs querySelector vs getElementsByClassName vs getElementsByName vs regex

Test performance of different ways of get just one particular DOM element

10 days ago
For loop i++ vs i += 1

Testing "i++" vs" i+=1" in for loop since airbnb's style guide does not allow "++"

10 days ago
_.isEmpty vs !array || !array.length 10 days ago
Lodash _.isEmpty vs !array || !array.length 10 days ago
Object cloning with Lodash clone vs ES6 object spread vs ES6 Object.assign vs Json 10 days ago
foreach and map 11 days ago
lodash fp vs lodash vs vanilla vs ramda 11 days ago
Subarray - Splice vs Slice 11 days ago
Angular Copy vs Lodash Copy

compare object copy

11 days ago
reduce vs for to mapify array 12 days ago
JavaScript spread operator vs Object.assign performanceeww 12 days ago
spread vs push 12321321311122 12 days ago
spread vs push 1232132131 12 days ago
lodash includes vs includes vs indexof 13 days ago
concat vs lodash.concat vs. push.apply vs. spread operator vs. push in for loop 13 days ago
array object find vs _.find

Compare the new ES6 spread operator with the traditional concat() method

13 days ago
Array.reduce vs for loop vs Array.forEach v2

A test summing 1000 random numbers, 1 - 10000

13 days ago
for loop 13 days ago
Ramda vs. Lodash 3

Compares performance on the same task using Lodash vs two styles of Ramda vs two styles of "native" Javascript. In all cases the task is pulling "counter" property from each item in an array, filtering out odd items, squaring them, then returning those squared values that have less than two digits.

14 days ago
querySelector-2 14 days ago

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