Benchmark name When Created
Object keys length vs for in 14 days ago
replaceAll browser vs regex replace 14 days ago
findIndex vs map and create new array 15 days ago
fetch 3.3.2 vs axios 15 days ago
Clone Array - 07/02/2024 15 days ago
object property initialize vs add dynamically

v8 engine optimization check

15 days ago
innerHTML vs textContent


15 days ago
querySelector2247 15 days ago
querySelector2244 15 days ago
querySelector2245 15 days ago
datasett 15 days ago
fn vs afn 15 days ago
Implicit native comparison vs explicit comparison 15 days ago
Getter vs Direct Read 15 days ago
json stringify vs array tostring large obj random 15 days ago
json stringify vs array tostring large obj 15 days ago
lodash forEach vs for i loop with cached length 15 days ago
fill array with value: map(callback) vs fill(value) vs fill(dummy).map(callback) 16 days ago
Custom Array Equality Function vs Lodash.isEqualWith Equality Comparison for Shallow Array of Strings.

Test on isEqualWith performance

16 days ago
String() vs .toString() vs +"" 16 days ago
qs vs getele

how fast to collect html elements on page

16 days ago
Array.prototype.concat vs spread operatorssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Compare the new ES6 spread operator with the traditional concat() method

16 days ago
Function vs inline set property 16 days ago
JS String '+' short v.s. long strings 2

Does the size of the string concatenated affect the performance?

16 days ago
JS String '+' same v.s. different strings 2

Is there a difference in performance over many iterations of string concatenation if the string being added is the same or different each time?

16 days ago

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