Benchmark name When Created
lodash filter vs array.filter 1 16 days ago
lodash filter vs array.filter 16 days ago
spread vs assign vs _.merge 16 days ago
Ways of adding elements to an array

Compare ways of adding an array to another array

17 days ago
find vs findIndex (Array prototype methods)

Measuring which is faster

17 days ago
Array.prototype.concat vs spread operator vs push 2

Compare the new ES6 spread operator with the traditional concat() method and push

17 days ago
Comparing performance of: Lodash get vs Native with object checking 17 days ago
memoizeOne - complex types - fork - 1

Comparing the performance of memoizeOne to other memoization libraries

17 days ago
loops-forin-forof-native-4 17 days ago
test length 17 days ago
testpow123 18 days ago
testpow 18 days ago
Array.from vs Spread #2 18 days ago
Quick Sort

Test of Quick Sort Implementations

19 days ago
First and rest

First and rest array operations, Lodash VS Native

20 days ago
String concat 20 days ago
Clone array

Array.from vs spread vs []

20 days ago
Name123 20 days ago
for-test1 20 days ago
for-test 20 days ago
Power 2 20 days ago
Lodash cloneDeep vs JSON Cloneeeee 20 days ago
Tilda vs Plus 20 days ago
Concat string 20 days ago
4234234234234234234 20 days ago

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