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Mi prueba 1

Probando test 1

12 days ago
Math.floor vs convert to string 13 days ago
Fuzzy search with fuzzysearch | Vanilla - Ramda - Lodash

Fuzzy search with fuzzysearch ( using filter and reduce with Vanilla, Ramda, and Lodash.

14 days ago
Access to Proxy vs Object 14 days ago
filter vs loop simple comparison

how faster is loop vs filter.

14 days ago
js-map/obj-4 14 days ago
js-map/obj-3 14 days ago
js-map/obj-2 14 days ago
js-map/obj 14 days ago
Lodash FP vs. Ramda (fork) 14 days ago
ITFB. Reinventing JSON parser

Writing our own json parser for internal purposes only

15 days ago
jQuery vs Vanilla JS Selectors with larger DOM 15 days ago
Optional Chaining plus Nullish Coalescing versus _.get lodash 15 days ago
jQuery vs Vanilla JS Selectors 15 days ago
JS querySelectorAll vs jQuery Selector v2 15 days ago
jQuery vs Vanilla JS SetText Speed Test (not slim) 15 days ago
Random Getters 15 days ago
Getters 15 days ago
Array.prototype.concat vs spread operator.

Compare the new ES6 spread operator with the traditional concat() method

15 days ago
Large clone test 15 days ago
find duplicates

solutions to finding duplicates in array

15 days ago
orderInsensitiveArrayCompare 15 days ago
Spread VS Push (Single element) 16 days ago
XHR vs fetch 16 days ago
lodash test-100 16 days ago

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