Benchmark name When Created
switch vs object in outer scope 1 6 days ago
switch vs object in outer scope 6 days ago
Array loop for vs for of vs foreach vs map 7 days ago
Array loop for vs for of vs vs foreach vs map 7 days ago
Object key vs Array Filter

Access an stored element through object property key vs array filtering. Util for handlers references, when you need to store handlers and have acces for them later.

7 days ago
destructuring vs for-in 7 days ago
Lodash vs Native reduce - 2020 test 7 days ago
querySelectorAll vs getElementsByTagName [for loop] 7 days ago
Object Deep Copy with

Produce a deep copy of a Javascript object where nested objects are not simply references to the originals.

7 days ago
Concat arrays 8 days ago
for vs for...of vs Array.reduce

Computing the sum of each item in an array via different looping mechanisms

8 days ago
className vs. setAttribute vs. classList vs setAttribute custom 8 days ago
RXJS vs Vanilla 8 days ago
str.match vs str.split.pop 8 days ago
native find vs lodash _.findIndex 8 days ago
Find Index vs Map 8 days ago
Object.assign vs spread operator - 1 8 days ago
undefined vs. typeof vs. in vs. operator

Object lookup performance

8 days ago
native map vs 8 days ago
map vs fast map 9 days ago
Chunk - lodash vs javascripto 9 days ago
alpinejs speed-up transitionIn & transitionOut 9 days ago
join vs tostring+replace 9 days ago
slice vs destruction 9 days ago
Lodash cloneDeep vs JSON Clone vs Bitfish Simple Clone 9 days ago

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