Benchmark name When Created
lodash v4.17.21 map vs Object.keys map

lodash map vs Object.keys map

3 days ago
2's math pow vs shift vs exp vs multiplication 3 days ago
Simple Split vs Match 4 days ago
Object.values vs for 4 days ago
Regex vs split/join 37123123123 4 days ago
JS Regex vs .startsWith vs .indexOf Jan

fork of

4 days ago
Lodash Pick vs compiled pick fn vs loop pick fn 4 days ago
klona vs Lodash cloneDeep

Comparing performance of: Lodash cloneDeep vs Json clone vs RFDC copy vs klona copy

4 days ago
Map .has() only vs .get() only

This is to compare the cost of this pattern ```if (map.has(key)) ``` v/s ```const v = map.get(key); if (v) func1(v);```

4 days ago
Lodash Pick vs compiled pick fn 4 days ago
Lodash Pick vs Native destructuring vs Manual Picks vs pick fn

Compare _.pick vs native destructuring vs manual picks

4 days ago
react-fast-compare vs JSON.stringify Equality Comparison for Shallow Array of Strings.

Test on deep equality performance

4 days ago
|| vs &&

OR(||) vs AND(&&) performance benchmarking with short-circuit

4 days ago
ToFixed(1) vs '' + Math.round(x * 10) / 10 4 days ago
JS array emptiness check

Comparing the performance of array.length and typeof array[0] === "undefined"

4 days ago
Storage Perf 4 days ago
Test for the test


4 days ago
JavaScript spread operator vs cloneDeep 4 days ago
Destructure from Object.seal vs Object.freeze vs normal 4 days ago
Which equals operator (== vs ===) is faster? (string)

Is there a performance benefit to replacing == with ===?

5 days ago
Array spread (left) vs push

Compare the new ES6 spread operator with the traditional concat() method and push

5 days ago
instanceOf-bitwise 5 days ago
inject styles 5 days ago
Push vs Next index 5 days ago
Split vs RegEx Brackets 5 days ago

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