Benchmark name When Created
String comparison vs boolean check 18 days ago
String compare with localCompare

string vs localCompare

18 days ago
New vs clear 18 days ago
lodash/partitionBy vs native reduce 19 days ago
Array.from() VS Spread 19 days ago
large string comparison1

Worst case large string comparison.

19 days ago
Array.from VS spreading for 19 days ago
length assignment during loop 19 days ago
Array.from VS spreading for "new Set()" 19 days ago
Try/catch vs .catch 19 days ago
Swtich vs array includes for enum lookup 19 days ago
loop vs stringify 19 days ago
Access to Proxy vs Object test 20 days ago


20 days ago
Classnames vs CLSX vs Alternatives 03.25.2024

Compare CLSX vs Classnames vs an own implementation of creating a template string

20 days ago
element matches selector variations

Testing element query and matches against various nesting and selector patterns

20 days ago
Set has vs object key with random search value

performance comparison of ways to find if an array contains a value

20 days ago
element matches

check performance of various query selector strings

20 days ago
Fastest way to check if object is empty with 3 types of checks

You don't need to make add for loops in your test scenarios, the benchmark does it itself.

20 days ago
Inline array vs regex 20 days ago
string concat bla 20 days ago
className vs classList with existing classes 20 days ago
Lodash _.first vs array[0] test 2 20 days ago
Lodash.isEqual vs JSON.stringify Equality Comparison for Deep Array of Objects

Test on isEqual performance

20 days ago
RegEx vs Array.includes v2 20 days ago

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