Benchmark name When Created
fjdfjdu34uerh 11 days ago
rtu5efdhju52y4rsgd 11 days ago
rtu5erh23 11 days ago
dshkshkldsh 11 days ago
SparseSet - object literal vs class 11 days ago
ES6 Class vs Prototype vs Object Literal v2

Test the speed and memory usage using 3 different techniques for constructing class objects.

11 days ago
React Spread Perf 11 days ago
Test some vs if on includes 11 days ago
Includes vs Direct access 4 11 days ago
Includes vs Direct access 3 11 days ago
RegEx.test vs. String.includes vs. String.match (case insensitivee) 11 days ago
Includes vs Direct access 2 11 days ago
Includes vs Direct access 11 days ago
Class vs object: direct call vs bind vs apply 11 days ago
lodash clone vs. JSON.parse(JSON.stringify()) vs. fastest-json-copy | On a Big Object 11 days ago
set.has vs. object in 11 days ago
RGB vs RGBa vs HSL vs Hex using Canvas (alpha: false)

Same as but with alpha: false

12 days ago
Testing cloneDeep vs destructuring 12 days ago
JavaScript spread operator vs Object.assign performance for two targets 12 days ago
math pow vs multiply vs double asterix 12 days ago
new Date from timestamp vs new Date from string 12 days ago
Map vs Object (real-world) Performance (lookup and set)

Lookup of map vs object (in a real-world test format)

12 days ago
array length effect 12 days ago
array.length 12 days ago
isNaN vs +

Compare tests

12 days ago

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