Benchmark name When Created
comparing for vs map vs forEach methods 20 hours ago
Spread vs Object.assign (modify ) vs Object.assign (new) 23 hours ago
lodash cloneDeep vs object.assign vs spread yesterday
array indexOf with splice vs filter 2 days ago
Lodash.isEqual vs JSON.stringify Equality Comparison for Deep Array of Strings.

Test on isEqual performance

2 days ago
test for object.assign helper 2 days ago
Lodash sortBy vs orderBy

Lodash sortBy vs orderBy

2 days ago
JavaScript spread operator vs Object.assign wrapper performance 2 days ago
SUM with forEach vs vs map fix 2 days ago
SUM with forEach vs vs map 2 days ago
forEach vs vs map 2 days ago
Some vs. Filter vs. findIndex again 2 days ago
interleave 2 days ago
Object.assign vs spread vs 1 dimensional loop 2 days ago
Binary find versus Lodash find

This tests the performance of a find on a large number objects in an array.

2 days ago
binary id find vs lodash id find 3 days ago
Lodash find vs binary find 3 days ago
Array.prototype.every vs Lodash every_2 5 days ago
Array.prototype.some vs Lodash some_2 5 days ago
Array.prototype.find vs Lodash find_2 5 days ago
Array.prototype.filter vs Lodash filter_2 5 days ago
Concat vs push(...) for large arrays

Comparing the various ways to append to a large array

5 days ago
JavaScript create new Object with properties. Equal operator vs Object.assign performance 6 days ago
Spread operator vs apply

Compare the differing ways you can call a function with arbitrary arguments dynamically

6 days ago
math pow vs multiply 8 times 6 days ago

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