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lib config deep copy

4 minutes ago
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map vs forEach Chris v2b

performance test map vs forEach

an hour ago
map vs forEach Chris v2

performance test map vs forEach

an hour ago
JQuery: find closest element with class or with class and id

Found, which way quicker for find element

an hour ago
map vs forEach Chris

performance test map vs forEach

2 hours ago
JQuery: find by id vs find by id and tag

compare find dive element using JQuery

2 hours ago
JQuery: find by class vs find by tag vs children

Compare which selector is better for finding element

4 hours ago
lodash groupBy vs Array.reduce 3 5 hours ago
Classnames vs CLSX vs Alternatives vs Keys

Compare CLSX vs Classnames vs an own implementation of creating a template string

7 hours ago
for ... of vs for ... in for array

Check which cycle quicker iterate through array

8 hours ago
JS Spread operator vs push 8 hours ago
map vs object d23d32d32d123d32d23d332d23d32 8 hours ago
getElementById vs querySelector (class) 9 hours ago
$.each vs for ... in for object

Test, which cycle work quicker for iterating through objec

9 hours ago
Fastest way to check if array have an element returning true or false 11 hours ago
Spread operator vs apply - jnslg

Compare the differing ways you can call a function with arbitrary arguments dynamically

18 hours ago
Some vs. Filter vs. lodash findIndex 21 hours ago
Lodash vs. Set Intersection vs Array intersection 3 21 hours ago
Implicit string conversion

Literals, such as strings, numbers, and boolean values, have two representations within ECMAScript. Each of them can be created as either a value or an object. For example, a string value is created simply by saying var oString = 'some content';, while an equivalent string object is created by saying var oString = new String('some content');. Any properties and methods are defined on the string object, not the value. When you reference a property or method of a string value, the ECMAScript engine must implicitly create a new string object with the same value as your string, before running the method. This object is only used for that one request, and will be recreated next time you attempt to use a method of the string value.

for ... of vs Array.forEach vs for cycle

Compare how to quickly iterate through array

Array Intersection Comparison yesterday
lmao dude

lmao dude

Comparisons of performance for finding a value in an array

Comparing several different methods for finding an item in an array (assuming complex objects)

Diff empty array yesterday

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