Benchmark name When Created
JSON.parse() vs. js-yaml large data 9 minutes ago
Lodash vs reduce Map() 2 hours ago
Clamp Math vs Lodash clamp

Testing math min, clamping vs lodash clamping

2 hours ago
js spread order 2 hours ago
Testing peformance of date reformat 3 hours ago
typeof_vs_instanceof 4 hours ago
isarray_vs_instanceof_vs_tostring 4 hours ago
isArray_vs_instanceof 4 hours ago
slice vs substring from end 4 hours ago
Ramda vs. Lodash correct

Compares performance on the same task using Lodash vs two styles of Ramda vs two styles of "native" Javascript. In all cases the task is pulling "counter" property from each item in an array, filtering out odd items, squaring them, then returning those squared values that have less than two digits.

8 hours ago
for condition 12 hours ago
IFuzzy Sort

Fastest way to sort fuzzy dates

14 hours ago
JS Regex vs .startsWith vs .indexOf vs .includes

fork of

17 hours ago
fetch vs ajax call V2

fetch vs ajax call

19 hours ago
lodash groupBy vs lodash keyBy 2 21 hours ago


Fork of JavaScript spread operator vs Object.assign performance yesterday
testing parent and hasAttribute yesterday
parseInt vs Number vs implicit conversion yesterday
range vs for nodes v3


Lodash cloneDeep vs JSON Clone vs Ramda Clone vs Pvorb Clone - 2 yesterday
HY's Lodash cloneDeep vs JSON Clone vs Ramda Clone yesterday
for-in vs object.keys v3 2 days ago
for-in vs object.keys v2 2 days ago
JS: insertBefore vs prepend 2 days ago

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