Benchmark name When Created
groupBy vs map + uniq an hour ago
lodash orderBy vs lodash map + uniq an hour ago
Ramda vs. Lodash (Fixed & IIFE updated asc)

Compares performance on the same task using Lodash vs two styles of Ramda vs two styles of "native" Javascript. In all cases the task is pulling "counter" property from each item in an array, filtering out odd items, squaring them, then returning those squared values that have less than two digits.

2 hours ago
property assign VS Lodash.set

Compares different approaches to set an object property

4 hours ago
Lodash cloneDeep vs JSON Clone huge object 4 hours ago
slice with indexof vs filter 4 hours ago
splice + spread vs filter to remove one item at given index test

Remove one item from array and return a new array with filter or slice and spread operator

7 hours ago
Looping variable vs elements 10 hours ago
JavaScript spread operator vs Object.assign performance with empty object 10 hours ago
contains vs regex2 13 hours ago
contains vs regex 13 hours ago
Array loop: forEach vs for vs map vs for of entries 14 hours ago
Add item to array3 yesterday
Remove item from array by index yesterday
Javascript spread vs assign yesterday
createElement vs cloneNode vs innerHTML

Faster way to create new dom elements before insertion

defineproperty vs direct assignment_rao2 2 days ago
defineproperty vs direct assignment_rao 2 days ago
concat vs push in various ways 2 days ago
Object Destruct vs Object.assign 2 2 days ago
Map vs. DataStore p2 2 days ago
reduce vs foreach with destructuring and without 2 days ago
Handlebars vs Hogan vs Mustache 2 days ago
reduce vs foreach with destructuring 2 days ago
reduce vs foreach 2 days ago

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