Benchmark name When Created
Lodash cloneDeep vs JSON.stringify + JSON.parse 17 days ago
'array[n]' vs 'n in array' vs 'array.length-1==n' 17 days ago
Filtering Stuff


17 days ago
Array join vs string contat

Compare different ways to build up a string.

17 days ago


17 days ago
array.fill VS array.push 17 days ago
Lodash cloneDeep vs JSON.parse

17 days ago
JQuery: reading text vs html

compare speed for reading text from element w/ child nodes

18 days ago
happy1 18 days ago
[email protected] 18 days ago
arr unshift vs push + reverse (arrays) 18 days ago
JS typed strict find vs indexOf

Comparing performance of: strict Array.find vs Array.indexOf

18 days ago
Regex check 18 days ago
document.body.getElementsByClassName vs document.getElementsByClassName 18 days ago
weredrt 18 days ago
TestDeepCopy1 18 days ago
JS: insertBefore vs appendChild vs prepend vs insertAdjacentElement vs after 18 days ago
Reduce with spread vs concat vs push

Comparing adding to the accumulator inside a reduce callback function with 3 different methods.

19 days ago
fastest isArray

Array.isArray vs Object.prototype.toString vs [].constructor vs instanceof vs pop exist

19 days ago
checkcheckfunction 19 days ago
ckeckfunction 19 days ago
checkcheck 19 days ago
checklol 19 days ago
lololo 19 days ago
Finding the length of a number5 19 days ago

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