Benchmark name When Created
Array concat vs. spread operator 4 years ago
Test hàm lặp

Test hàm lặp

4 years ago
Test for 1

Test for

4 years ago
for in vs reduce vs pick vs objectsdf 4 years ago
for in vs reduce vs pick vs object 4 years ago
Lodash cloneDeep vs Json clone (deeply nested) 4 years ago
SortBy vs Arr.Sort 4 years ago
Set: Array.from vs Spread 4 years ago
afsdfadfaasdfadfad 4 years ago
Lodash.get with an instance default 4 years ago
Lodash.get with instance default 4 years ago
Concat, vs spread vs array from 4 years ago
Iterate Map entries 4 years ago
lodash.size vs lodash.keys 4 years ago
Lodash.isEqual vs JSON.stringify Equality Comparison for Shallow Array of Strings_1.

Test on isEqual performance

4 years ago
pipe/compose functions 4 years ago
lodash foreach vs forEach 4 years ago
querySelector specfic

Test performance of different ways of get just one particular DOM element

4 years ago
ArrayBuffer.isView vs instanceof 4 years ago
another approach to Switch vs Object Literal

Another approach to this test:

4 years ago
Switch vs Object Function vs Object Property

Compares performance of using a 'switch' statement vs object functions and object properties

4 years ago
`Array.slice(0, N)` vs `Array.length = N` 4 years ago
Regex vs split/join - actual replace

Now regex flies and split crawls. BTW that regex match split plus join is what jQuery's removeClass() does - just much worse. Had to double check just in case that there's some hidden trick involved.

4 years ago
lodash vs ES6 sortby 4 years ago
tagName vs instanceof 4 years ago

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