What is new in version

After a long pause, MeasureThat.net got couple of new features and bug fixes. This post oulines some of them:

Benchmark validation before saving

Writing correct code from the start is hard. We often make mistakes and need to make few iterations before finally getting it right.
New feature Validate benchmark allows to run benchmark before saving it.

Demo video:

JS Memory measurements (Chrome only)

Chrome exposes window.performance.memory API which allows to track memory usage of the page.
MeasureThat.net now can record memory consumption during benchmark execution and show results as chart.
Please note that for proper measurements Chrome must be launched with --enable-precise-memory-info flag.
More information about API: trackjs.com: Monitoring JavaScript Memory

Run tests and measure memory usage


New search widget allows to search for content using Google custom search.

Google Custom Search


MeasureThat.net now features a blog (where this post is published).

Do not allow duplicated titles

Benchmarks with duplicated titles are not prohibited. Please give descriptive and unique names to benchmarks.

Bug fixs

There were multiple bug fixes and css optimizations.

As usual, please leave your feedback on the Feedback & Suggestions page or on project’s GitHub page.